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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s answer popular questions. For further advice please phone A new life abroad.

We can only fully answer this once we have looked at your personal circumstances in detail, but for many people they can be very good, provided that they go about it in the right way. Some countries are more difficult to enter on a resident’s visa than others, but there are many other categories of visa that can be considered.

But bear in mind that most countries have quotas to limit the number of immigrants and many applicants are turned away each year simply because they applied at the wrong time! Immigration legislation can be baffling and all the paperwork involved is hugely time-consuming.

It is easy to make mistakes, which will be seized upon by Embassy officials who are looking for reasons to reject your application. Expert guidance is essential if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success and avoid relocation delays.

Immigration legislation is so complex, with the different categories of visa and varying selection systems that exist, that we can’t even begin to advise you without a full understanding of your unique personal circumstances.

There may be certain facts about you that could significantly affect the success of your visa application – facts that you may not even think to mention to us in a brief conversation, because to you they seem unimportant or irrelevant. But they could score those crucial extra points that will tip the balance in your favour!

So it is essential that we have a systematic method of gathering those facts if we are to select the most appropriate route for you personally and present your case accurately and positively to Embassy officials.

Outstanding, we’re pleased to say. This is partly because of our thorough Appraisal process, which ensures that we would never attempt to relocate clients to a place that is totally unsuited to their desired lifestyle, or where there is likely to be no demand for their skills and experience.

It is also because of the wealth of expertise that we have acquired over the years. We know each country’s immigration laws and regulations back to front, so we are able to identify the best route to a new life abroad for you personally – no matter what your situation – and get you the right category of visa permit.

You’re not unusual! Many of our clients have not settled on one specific migration destination. They may have a short-list of two to three, or they may simply know that they want to start a new life abroad! In these cases our role is to help you evaluate alternatives, taking into account your unique personal circumstances and ambitions.

Whether you’re likely to find suitable employment is important, but it’s far from being the only consideration. Your ability to adapt to the new culture is vital. So are numerous other factors – such as education facilities abroad in your new country, if you have or are planning to start a family.

Certainly you can. We always aim to meet our clients’ requirements as precisely as possible. But if you can possibly be flexible in your choice of destination, we do recommend it.

This is just in case you do not meet all the necessary criteria to qualify for a visa – or your skills and experience are not compatible with the needs of employers in your preferred destination at that particular time.

For the same reasons as Q2. Only a thorough investigation of your unique personal circumstances can truly establish whether you qualify or are eligible under complex immigration laws which differ for each country.

We achieve success in many difficult cases where simplistic relocation calculators indicate a non-qualification. Our advice is to ignore!

Please phone for a discussion of options for your way forward. We may be able to suggest an innovative solution you haven’t considered or just put your mind at rest.

Remember timing is an important aspect of relocation qualification as the relevant regulations are constantly changing.

Our 24 hour, 7 day a week free phone help line is freephone: 0800 63 44 991 (24 Hrs)

" We contact our Clients by telephone after office hours for their convenience"

To get started. Call A new life abroad at: Freephone 0800 63 44 991 (24 Hrs) or send an email to info@anewlifeabroad.com or click here to request a free "info pack"